MAP 2015

Well done MAP on this project.  Love the way you get on with things – very pragmatic and so efficient!!   Its a pleasure to be involved – till now I had no idea what my contribution would be, but its beginning to take shape around the question ‘what is research?’.

Ive never had a good look at what research is – so its proving to be informative for me. Hopefully I can share this in a productive way and perhaps together we can conjure up some trouble.

As you can see I never use this site.  Archiving is always the last thing on my list.

I’m also ambivalent as to how productive online ramblings are. Its probably most productive for me – in that the process of exploring ‘research’ is allowing me to reconsider all sorts of material and ideas.  Ironically I don’t think you can call what I’m doing research in that its way too broad, random, I digress all the time, many half thoughts and inaccurate /incoherent glimpses.

Having said there is something going on that I have been exploring for a while to do with the distance between the familiar and art.  My current activities are around signs and what might exist yet not function as a sign.  ???

MAP introduced the project in the following way:

“Movement Art Practice  –  Research Series  2015”

The MAP Research Series is a creative laboratory and incubator for artists and ideas, fostering wider artistic investigations and nurturing experimentation in movement practice.

MAP’s philosophy is to focus upon creative process as opposed to working towards a finalproduct. 

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