Week 3 in MAPland

Interesting but challenging wk.  What to report?

The question ‘what is research?’ is working for me but Im not sure how much of this is of interest to others.  At such an early stage I dont have anything solid to share – its all very new.

Prepared ‘herofairwaybestinwalkshoweurogestivism’ – (the name changes freq) which is a firewalking stunt with electricity.  Lots of rewiring and walking trials.

Many draft blog entries re random strands of interest that have appeared in response to the question of ‘reserach’ .   Also been working around the question of money.  I think the idea of getting money for research that has no measurable output is unrealistic.  Funders want publications, shows, international profile ….. marketable things.  So to go in another direction is really working counter to the functioning economy.

And to question current research practice is going to take a serious amount of effort and time.  Years or decades rather than weeks or months.   Even more so if you go about this in an inventive way – in a manner that both creates and activates the approach.

My other thought is that funders love infastructure – anything that they can point to as being the product of their support.  Buildings, organizations, office equipment, phones, cars, …. none of which is helping the researcher.  Someone who is dreaming of another model just doesn’t fit.

Wed night session.  All a bit average I felt.  Love the getting together and the round table.  Some discomfort expressed around having different levels of experince and very divers e vocabularies.  Not too sure how to address this.  Trying not to fill the sessions up with and orderly timetable –

So Im working on another approach for next week.  Im going to try and visually map a project alongside the research question.  Will still be a roundtable but with drawings this time.

Also planning a test whereby we offer people ‘hope’ as they head into Les Mills which is next door.  Its a forecourt action – maybe a chance to introduce a pamphlet or zine with both practical ie where the toilets in Les Mills type info plus more polemic stuff.

More soon.




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