Week 3. Many things in no particular order including ‘heroprizefairwalkwayeurosgestivism’, $$$, Julia responds….. and

The question of research has been working for me.  Led me on all sorts of tangents.

This weeks Wed session will follow a similar format to last.  The first hr well look at a sketch Im working on – it was going to be ‘How to be’ but have instead decided on ‘Heroprizefairwalkwayeurosgestivism’  which is a walking on light stunt/experiment.

Week 2. Just a brief summary.  Spent Mon working on ‘its a long way from what can be imagined to what might appear’ – so that I could offer a sketch for Wed.  The main interest for me has to do with an investigation of how things take shape – becoming signs. To summarize in one line this is background stuff to looking at the volatility of familiar signs.   I keep referring back to the idea that by definition a sign is incomplete and as such retains a potential to become something other. ( Lovely Chris Knox song by the same name).

‘Its a long way… will become a verbal/visual combination of Kubhla Khan and the youtube clip on Bob Munden, ‘the fastest gun in the west’.

In the second part of session (with the support of beer and wine) we had a look at Danny Butts article ‘Thesis on Art and Knowledge’, (Published in un Magazine 7.1 http://unprojects.org.au/magazine/issues/issue-7-1/theses-on-art-and-knowledge/ 29th July 2013.) Many thanks to Danny for his writing and support. 

I offered this as a considered intro to research,  knowledge generation and the dominant methodologies.  Really as an alternative to my own ramblings which I posted as a beginning sketch, in almost complete ignorance of what we might be getting ourselves into with the question of research.

Really nice just to hang out and talk.

Week 3

Many thanks to Julia for responding.  Ill have a look at Willliam Forsythe. Heres what Julia wrote(below).   I dont think I even mentioned choreography or dancing last week – better bring those terms back.  ‘Choreographic object’ appeals.  One thing that interest me is the choreographic image – in that it choreography in its conventional form barely works if you close your eyes.  Same with most stuff – its the flow of images that are relied on – a flow of images or signs – this I think is choreographic.

Research Series 2015 – Auckland, NZ  Series # 2 – Artist: Sean Curham – Week 2 – Movement art practice.

      • Have been working on ‘heroprizefairwalk…..which involves lots of electricity.

        Its a stunt – so we’ll see.

        Plenty of reading. Drift between Wystan Curnows stuff on Billy Apple – which seems appropriate given Billy’s commitment to the market and Wystan’s to the ‘materiality of signs’ – and the importance of research.  Will intro Lachlans article this week – his interests also overlap into ‘community situated practice’ – which suits me fine being the arena of familiarity..

        Will continue to edit/revise my ramblings – unsupported one liners have limited appeal.  Need a bit more.

        Have also been working on the question of ‘money’ – still not sure how to approach it as its so emotional (Thanks KB).

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