Wk 4 forecourt action test Les Mills/ map/ talk

Wk 4

Keen again.

Monday. Working on ‘forecourt’ – which is an idea to do with offering people hope on their way to a destination.  Hope. The guts of it is in the activity that’s already going on adjacent to the main task – in a gallery setting its everything that’s in action on the way/during and alongside the gallery experience.  All the singular activities that occur around the main focus, which might be viewing art (or working out).

So in a forecourt setting assistants (us) disseminate additional information in the form of a broadsheet as a gesture of hope.  Info includes things like location of toilets, best/cheapest local parking.

The hope operates both as a minor joke – acknowledging the betterment that is sought from a gym/gallery visit and as artistic position or research process whereby hope gathers around the unannounced activities as an expression of unconstrained, unwilling forces that are unable to be harnessed by artistic construction.  Its an experiment where ideas and forces are being tested.

The hope part is a minor joke – in fact nothing is being offered – simply a sharing of all that is already there – the adjacent/unannounced activities of walking, crossing the street, engaging with others,

forecourt is meant for a gallery setting – so the forecourt of a gallery, but have been thinking about it in relation to Les Mills. Went for an introductory tour at Les Mills Auck. Sort of interesting.  Could easily be categorized in terms of mass action/hype/ – people being swept along – on their way to a better life via a body like the one on the website. Cult like.

Idea involves:

A group of forecourt assistants – not sure how many.  They form their own small collective. Have an identifying logo – am trialing a ‘forecourt necklace’, that has been 3D cut using mirrored perspex.

The seat – same one Ive been using for ages. Its a ‘flat pack’ bleacher that can be assemble anywhere.

A ‘broadsheet’ – this is what is being offered to those who are met, as a gesture of hope – simply info to do with the destination people are headed for. In this case Ive printed out the entire Les Mills website – quite large.  The broadsheet/newsprint format has been growing on me – ref Big Fag Press or et al. publications plus Wellington Media Collective.  Paper could include any sort of info – more arty stuff maybe?  Project description? Not sure.

What else: Also working on a map of both a project and my ideas on research. The plan is to draw these for the Wed night event.

P1130216 Resize


Here’s the Les Mills site.  Les Home Resize




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