Wk 4 Time to clarify and summary

First of three 1 min videos – my aim is to make things a little clearer. Pt 1 ‘why bother talking about research?’

Heres pt 2.  ‘what is research?’.

Pt 3 on its way.


Week 4 Summary

Throughout this series Ive been trying to work in public – developing my ideas and not doing too much stuff behind the scenes.  Its a challenge in lots of ways. I find it quite hard to concentrate in a group situation. Trialing stuff in an open forum is like hell. All the short comings are on display. But that was the idea – to show it all in a form where the mystery that goes with a complete work is absent.

I’m interested in this for many reasons – I think the less mystery and the less design clarity the better. My feeling is that reducing for the sake of clarity is doomed from the start.  Its only going to work if a viewer is willing to ‘suspend their disbelief’ and look past all that surrounds them toward the announced focus.

Still torture thou.  The Wed night session had a go at ‘forecourt’ (now called ‘forecourt assist’)  It was very average – which is no reflection on the participants or public but more on the idea.  We worked in the Les Mills carpark, which is next door to the Wellesley St studios.

For me the main problem was the focus on offering hope – where this should be an aside, or not even considered.  The activity needs to focus on offering assistance to those crossing the forecourt in the form of additional information, or useful stuff.  A kind of preparation for the final destination – which in this case was Les Mills.  The seat worked fine but I think a smalll 2 seater would be better.  This would position the forecourt assistant as a lonely isolated figure – maybe an evangelical activist or believer of something.

The aim is for the ‘forecourt assistant’ to sit alongside all that is already underway, all that is happening in the unfolding of the familiar (and the less familiar or artwork positioned as unfamiliar)  – which is hopeful in a way – hopeful  as a research project where the focus is on working out whether this attention to all that is already working is a viable thing.





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